Program sets sights on Salt Lake City

Flip the Script has become a movement not only against bullying, but also for awareness and education. It’s been implemented across the country through legislation, classroom initiatives, rallies and student movements.

Salt Lake City has shown a strong commitment to the safety of its children, and with the help of a large coalition, they’re bringing many of Flip the Script’s initiatives to life in Utah.

Bullying is a communitywide problem. And to develop tougher regulations, increase awareness and change behaviors, it will take the efforts of the whole community.

Community partnerships

More than a dozen partners have already jumped on board. In addition to raising awareness about bullying and changing behavior, we want to create and enforce tougher anti-bullying guidelines for Utah schools.

We’re proud to have the following groups on board. Contact us here to join the team.

Utah Women’s Basketball and local teenagers are taking a stand against bullying in our community. Bullying is extremely detrimental to kids and teens in our community, and we want everyone to stand up against it.